SONY – 4K Projectors

As part of our campaign for Sony’s new range of premium 4k projectors, I was asked to concept and create a proposition image to visualise seeing is believing. Bringing the immersive excitement of true 4K cinematic images into every living space.

ClientSonyRoleConcept | 3D | DesignYear2014

"Where did you shoot that?"

My concept was to create an image that would draw the viewer in whilst blurring the lines of the real and the imaginary. The budget didn’t allow for a live action shoot, so I drew on my 3d skills to come up with a solution, creating a virtual room for the projection to sit in.

This worked very well, as it allowed me to perfectly line up the perspective of the room leading into the lines of the projected image. The ultimate compliment came from the client when he asked “where did I shoot the living room space”

Same story,different angle

The intial hero image went down well and as a result I was asked to create another the following year, this time with a family orientated framing. I created another 3d visualisation of a suitable space, before going on to complete the final image.