RM – Business Portal

As part of Hugo and Cat’s offering for the new Royal Mail business portal, I was tasked with concepting and directing meaningful illustration content that had impact. Once all the content strategy and concepts had been scamped, the very talented illustrator Steve Scott made them come alive.

ClientRoyal MailRoleConcepting | DirectionYear2014

Content that connects

I was asked to plan and concept the illustration for the Royal Mail business portal. The main challenge was to distil multifaceted business jargon into a human message that a consumer can relate to and be inspired by.


The image had to resonate with SME business owners who use online market places such as eBay, Amazon and Etsy.

I wanted the image to do more than just define the audience , but also have an aspirational quality to highlight the benefit.

Local Segement

Selling to local customers was the proposition. Local bricks and mortar businesses who were looking to attract new customers.

RM offer a wide range of services that allow their customers to reach out to existing customers and find new ones too.


For people who have a bricks and mortar business but who also have a website.

These customers have a great deal to juggle, I wanted to clearly demonstrate the multi channel aspect whilst showing a streamlined business

World of possibilities

This was the propositional image for the business portal. This was a real tough one to crack, in the end I got there with a subtle envelope paper plane letting customers go higher.

This also helped solve another problem, that of giving a narrative route to help tie disparate themes together on the page.

Finding new customers

I had to visually represent that RM can help find customers, using their vast data insights.

This also went through a few iterations, finally opting for a simple yet effective 'seeing through the cloud's' analogy to get a 'window into peoples homes'. This built upon the theme set by the proposition image.

Expanding overseas

RM have a great offering for those looking to expand overseas, from simply sending parcels oversea safely and quickly to helping target new customers all over the globe.

Raise your reputation

RM is a delivery service that people trust, I concepted an aspirational analogy for RM's reputation raising your own.

Scale up fast

RM allows customers great warehouse flexbilty so at busy times they have no need to worry. I demonstrated this with a clever little play on the squares of a calendar doubling as warehouse space.

Save time and money

RM offers its customers a huge amount of options and services to help save both time and money. Trying to illustrate such broad and abstract topic risked diluting the visual, so I decided that showing an aspirational benefit was the way to go.