Microsoft approached us to help market their Storyteller app, which hinged on the difference between capturing moments and giving them meaning in the context of a story. Our idea was to show people what’s possible with the Storyteller app and inspire them to start creating their own stories in a few easy steps. We proposed a tiered approach over four stages to build interest and engagement with the app, and ultimately create a community of Storytellers.

ClientMicrosoftRoleConcept | Animation | DesignYear2015

The story waiting to be told

The essence of the app was simple, allow users to create more meaningful stories from the photos & videos they take. Every great story has a hero. Ours is a one-minute film to provide a compelling narrative for the Storyteller app.

I concepted three routes for the client based on insights about our target audience, they say never work with children or animals so naturally they chose the one with the cute dog. So off we went to sunny Barcelona to make the magic happen.

Inspiring stories

In order to help gain initial traction, we curated UGC with characters who had a strong social media following, to help inspire users what was possible if they used the app. I ensured that the content would strike a chord with our target audience by being culturally relevant at that time.